Dear Sweet Toothed Friends, ever eaten a sweet and wished you could eat another but the thought of processed sugar put you off? Now with Aroma Honey Toffees, containing zero processed sugar, you can have another sweet. Aroma honey toffees are ideal home, office and travel snacks. They add a memorable touch to special celebrations particularly birthdays, weddings, family, office and church get together events, valentine’s, Easter, mothers’ and fathers’ days.

* Aroma Honey Toffee now has a series for you to enjoy at your convenience; 

(i) the Big Time Packet with 50 toffees (USD 20 or equivalent in Uganda shillings)

(ii) the Mini Packet with 12 toffees ( Uganda Shillings 20,000)

(iii) One-2-One with 1 toffee (Specially ordered for events – special negotiated price)

 Place your order for Aroma Honey Toffees today by calling +256772418678 or +256759687856. We make your deliveries for locations in and around Kampala.

Great News!!!!!! You can now buy Aroma Honey Toffee at Prunes Farmers Market in Kololo. See the Map below. You can place special orders for events and gifts and can have personalised packets. Always our pleasure to share with you this special product.

WP_20160608_09_15_52_ProPrunes Farmers Market Location from Google Maps


13 thoughts on “Aroma Honey Toffee (the most convenient way to eat honey)

  1. Nkugwa Abel Jonathan. says:

    Everybody out there needs to share this insider’s peek of the sweetest toffees across the nation. Toffees that are creating the most unique quality of a pleasant and distinctive taste. Your choice will lead you to the whole world of these sweet Aroma Honey Toffees. I personally testify that the moment you taste these toffees, you will definitely know that they still live a lot to be desired. “Come Taste and Testify.”


  2. lillian says:

    wow. great innovation. with these honey toffees, I can indulge in a sweet bite that is also beneficial to my body. Bye bye artificial sugars/sweets, am going for the natural option.


  3. aromahoneytoffee says:

    Dear Fans of Aroma Honey Toffee, thanks for sharing this great product with us and for the comments and feedback. In response to your requests, we now also have baby sized Aroma Honey Toffees very convenient for children’s Birthday Parties. Give your young children a teat with the baby sized Aroma Honey Toffees.


  4. aromahoneytoffee says:

    ​Dear Aroma Honey Toffee Family,
    It was a pleasure, for us, to supply you with Aroma Honey Toffees in 2015. We wish you great Christmas and New Year celebrations. Do not miss our new Heart shaped toffees to add a special touch to your celebrations as well as our Christmas Gift to you; a specially crafted Aroma Honey Toffee key holder; that you will find in each box of Aroma Honey Toffees ordered before 1st January 2016. A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2016.


  5. aromahoneytoffee says:

    Dear Aroma Honey Toffee Family,
    We look forward to sharing 2016 with you and to share all your special moments we have a special Valentines pack of Aroma Honey Toffees for your loved ones. Just let us know when you want yours. A pack of 12 toffees at UGX 25,000 or USD 10.


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