You have contributed to improving the taste and presentation of Aroma Honey Toffee

  • You told use they were too big – have reduced the size
  • You did not like the plastic film cover inside the foil on each toffee – we have replaced this with food grade paper
  • During the Christmas period you requested for the Christmas Tree Aroma Honey Toffee Edition with each toffee having a Christmas Tree hanger and that was a very exciting and successful project. Thanks a lot Pheonah for inspiring us
  • You challenged us to produce the Aroma Honey Toffee Valentine Edition and that was another exciting and successful project. The Valentine project has also seen the birth of the Aroma Honey Toffee Mini Packet with 12 toffees. We warmly welcome this new addition
  • A Big Thank You to each and every member of Aroma Honey Toffee Family. You are so precious to us.

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